What is in beta verion 2.0?

Mix of RPG/Strategy and God game.
Summon units, traps, buildings, trees, mushrooms and more to protect your forest.
Maximal character level 7. The game difficulty was increased pretty high.
Infinity enemy waves. First 61 Waves made by Author.
Primary and Secondary skills
30 different enemies, 60 different enemy specifications, 5 Bosses and
Werewolf — first monster in the game who will profit from werewolf neural network.
Three magic schools
Live forest with animals, birds, butterflies and magic trees.
Complete 3d World where weather and daytime influence some aspect of the game.
Upgrade System.
Almost all objects can be destroyed.
PvE Rating System.
PvE Season
Sessional Inventar

Features in release?

History involve all aspects of the game inclusive PvP.
PvP destroy enemy forests.
Maximal character level 20.
More Buildings, traps, enemies and so on.
Portals — Part of the game (more about portals comes later. It is something like Dungeon Keeper with hack and slash elements).
Neural network
Sandbox elements
PvP and PvE Seasons
Five magic schools

What is in beta, but must be improved?

More enemies, more war technic.
Game should never end, except of the story part.
Neural Network
Sounds and Music
And many other aspects of the game.

Join Early Access on Steam

Dark Forester is a Hardcore Forest Management Game that employs your best aspects of the RPG, RTS, Crossplatforming MMO and god game genres. Create and customize your own forest. Protect your land from enemy creatures in a magic, part-physics based World.

Crossplattform Game

One Game! PC, MAC, Linux, Android or iOS — no problem, play where ever you want. Early access beta version is already available on Steam for PC and Technical Android Version for Tegra K1 Prozessors on Google Play.

Why playing beta version?

This in turn gives me a chance to improve the game based upon player feedback! By getting Early Access not only are you supporting me, you’ll get to follow the development and help me tune and improve the game to be the best it can be! My goal is to make Dark Forester one of the greatest PvP adventure. I would be thrilled to have you join Dark Forester.


This game is now available on Steam!


Sandbox Element is a chance to have unique forest.

Random Generated Forest

This future let you play in mostly hack&slash mode unlimited counts of different PvE Maps. Random Generator is not available in beta verison. More about Random Generator read in a special ….link


Once starting an event you map change for an amount of time in a little PvE Battle Ground. Waves of Enemy units will atack — to stop it you should not only kill them but also destroy special buildings and ending some quests.


In last years becoming very popular system of mobile games to attack offline enemy and defending own map is presented in Dark Forester. You can not only attack enemy forests, final version will give you a chance to fight agains enemy players on special Battle Grounds, Arena and Forest Events!


Be the best PvP Player in the World, Be the best defender! or be the best destroyer, killer! You dont like PvP, then be the best PvE palyer. Great rating system for the most every game moments.

Never Ending Game

As i started, i asked me, why we always waiting of new part of the game. Is it maybe possible to make never ending game. Engine allow us to change objects for better performing pc after lets say 5 year. I try, i dont know where it brings Dark Forester.

How are you planning on involving the Community/Users in your development process?

Heavily, The community is encouraged to mail me feedback@darkforester.com , you can chat me or start discussions, i’m always there for you. I need you to make good game.

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

I’m estimating that the game will be complete, it takes as long as it takes.