After patch 2.0 is complete another experience system. After level 3 you must win minimum 10 waves to rich next level.
Experience reflects monster health and power. So weak enemies give you experience between 1 and 30. Monsters with strong abilities between 30 and 60 experience. And between 60 and 90 experience.


Redroper is the counter for your units, how many times you can redrop them in the fight.

Death Rules

If you die, lose your house you’ll become an insurance to continue your adventure. it may cost you part of resources and some levels!!!
if you lose almost all your trees in the game (trees counter lower than 30) you must start game from the beginning.
Also you can always restart the game.

Wild Animals

Wild animals live in your forest. House on the edge give you growing on this stats.
If your attack any kind of wild animal, they will attack you. Also if enemy accidentally
damage wild animal. Neutral animals give your experience but lower than other enemies. remember wolfs and bears are strong and danger creatures.
Wild animal system is important update for next features.
Neutral creatures are indicated as brown pointers on minimap.

Day and Night

During the night all undead creatures has twice more health.
Your fifth magic school spells do more damage during the Night.
There are Scrolls in the game which can reset day and night.


Weather influence your third magic school, Damage during the rain in 3 time more.
Snow were deleted from the game. (Comes some day definitiv again)
Tornado appears sometimes on the map.


Weapon and Scroll can be used only in current session. You can’t have 2 weapons and more than one scroll for each type of scrolls. (read more in items)
Alchemist’s House will give you sometimes random item. Not always sessional.

Monster Abilities

Beyond the health line some enemy units have ability description.
take a look to some of them:
Teleportation: For example Dark Torturer can teleport to the enemy.
jump / mighty jump- what is jump?.
Tree Destroyer — Creature destroy trees on his way.
Tower Destroyer — Ogre King has this ability, he can destroy tower really quickly.
Homing spells/arrows — name describe what it is.
Undead — twice health during the night.

Death Rules

Werewolf added in the game. After completing path finding system, i begun working on different model behaviour for the enemy units. Right now Werewolf is the strongest and cleverest unit in the game. He attacks first livestock. If he lose half of his health, he is looking for stag in the forest, he kills him and recover full health, and then come back. In retreat phase his speed increases by 3. If there are no more stags in your forest he will attack wolfs and bears — it is fatal for your forest. But werewolf is not just character with unusual abilities.
Werewol is first char who goes also in neural network direction. With patch 2.0 werewolf collect in database 5 information’s: who did last hit on werewolf, how long werewolf were in fight, how many time he was killed with fire hay, how many times he was killed with explosive rabbit, how many times he was transformed in the tree. This is Phase 1 for werewolf: Collecting Information.

Save Place

You can locate your base or buildings wherever you want. Just remember enemies come on the edge of your forest. Only house on the edge is save, no one will ever attack him (at least not in current state)

Trees, Fences and Protectors

It may seems that you can protect your buildings with trees, that’s true but remember trees counter is only one reason how you can lose the game without any chance of ensurance.
Fences are free. fences longer, for what you need three or 4 trees you need only 1 fence. Protector or barricades are specials category and use special supply. They costs coins and should be used as a bait. Good archers position with protectors could win some games.
Sure you can and should combination of this three elements of the game.

No Way Out

If you try to way out from your forest you’ll be teleported in the middle.