Patch Notes Early Access Beta 2.0 :

— First and the most important, path finding system was complete overwritten, works fine now.
— Session Items added. All items are sessional. Player can have only 1 item to each of the 6 item types. Hotkeys for scrolls using are R,T,F,G,B.
— Item type Weapons (8 weapons added)
— Orc Axe
— Normal Axe
— Archers Joke
— Experience Staff
— Mighty Staff
— Ogre’s Hammer
— Strange Fish
— Great Sword
— Item type ‘R’ — Magic Scrolls (4 scrolls added)
— Firehay Scroll (Instantiate the fire hay to the mouse pointer. 500 Damage)
— Tree Transform Scroll (Transform any enemy unit to the tree)
— Teleportation 1 Scroll (Teleport player in the middle of the map)
— Teleportation 2 Scroll (Teleport player to the mouse pointer)
— Item type ‘T’ — Weather Scrolls (4 scrolls added)
— Day Scroll (Set the Day)
— Night Scroll (Set the Night)
— Rain Scroll (Call the rain)
— Tornado Scroll (Call the tornado for the next 10 minutes, damage 50 every third second)
— Item type ‘F’ — Potions (3 potions added)
— Health Potion (Restore full health)
— Mana Potion (Restore full mana)
— Experience Potion (+ 50 Experience)
— Item type ‘G’ — Monster/Trap Scrolls (3 scrolls added)
— Bear Scroll (Summon Bear for the next 10 minutes)
— Explosive Rabbit Scroll
— Wolf Scroll (Summon Wolf for the next 10 minutes)
— Item type ‘B’ — Building Scrolls (1 Scroll added)
— Fake House Scroll (Fake House is like a Forester House Level 1. Fake House is not sessional and have all benefits of Forester House Level 1. Fake House has only 300 health.)
— Wild Animals added. About two dozen of wild animals live now in your forest.
Wild animals system is important feature for the Dark Forester (and next patches). Also birds added in the forest. All animals are neutral and do not attack first. If wild animals health falls to the 10% of his maximum, then speed falls to the minimum. Wild animals bring less experience then enemies.
— Two new Buildings added for character level 1-7
— House on the Edge
+ 3 random wild animals.
10% chance to call a spectral wild animal after the start of the battle.
House is neutral
House works only on the edge of the forest. (Check: in the pond appears water)
Bonus: awakens ancient (just drop him in the pond)
— Alchemist’s House (1 Update available )
-After every wave 50% chance to receive one of the following goods: Crystal, New mush room type, gold, coins, mana or health potion.
— Experience and level system was overwritten.
— Level on hover you can see how many experience you need before next level.
— After level 3 you need not only the experience, you should also complete 10 waves in one session.
— All enemies give you experience based on the power and health amount.
— Killing an enemies with Scroll Tree Transformation do not give you experience.
— Magic was redesigned. UI was also redesigned.
— energyball, fireball, waterball, hammerball, meteor, arcane size and collider fixed.
— energyball, fireball, waterball, hammerball, meteor, arcane fly to the mouse pointer on the fixed height.
First three magic schools were changed. Because it’s now harder to rich level 7 (close to 70 waves). Your character obtain magic skills faster.
— Few critical bugs was fixed.
— Performance by game loading is few time faster.
— Performance about 10 FPS more during normal phase in compare to Beta 1.0.
— Performance about 30 FPS more during combat phase in compare to Beta 1.0.
— Object Exploder was optimized, performance won about 5 FPS.
— Minicamera follow the camera now, not the player.
— Window mode display name was fixed.
— Main menu redesigned.
— 4 new mushroom arts (only in Alchemists House available)
— Damned trees appear during every fight. Only shamans can collect them. Damned trees is the only one chance to receive wood resource.
— Hotkeys updated
— Road collider was fixed.
— Game restart bug fixed.
— Infinity waves.
— Drag and Drop shower position was fixed.
— Monster drops only items which they can use.
— Maximal coins counter fixed.
— Gallow counter fixed.
— Forest Souls skills will be available after level 10.
— Heavy bug fixed. Enemy archer corpse gave +1 units counter.
— Lose if you have lower than 30 Trees.
— Fences burn effect removed.
— Well burn effect fixed, counter problem fixed, also explode effect fixed.
— Drag And Drop performance and some UI elements updated.
— Insurance after player death or forester house demolition.
— Few UI onhover mistakes fixed.
— Character Information UI updated.
— Barrel health onhover fixed.
— Skills reset bug fixed.
— Sound by animated trees fixed.
— Day is now 24 minutes, including 7 minutes night.
— Enemy waves do not set the night.
— Over 100 sounds effects added.
— Archer received 2 updates. first update: fire arrows, second update: homing arrows.
— Ogres have only 1 ‘redroper’, after update 2 and then 3.
— Orcs have 2 ‘redroper’, after update 3.
— 15 different enemies and 40 different enemy specifications were added in the game.
— Enemy shamans and caretaker added in the game.
— 6 bosses added in the game, few are really great like Reaper and Nightmare.
— And at least Werewolf added in the game. After completing path finding system, i begun working on different model behaviour for the enemy units. Right now Werewolf is the strongest and cleverest unit in the game.
He attacks first livestock. If he lose half of his health, he is looking for stag in the forest, he kills him and recover full health, and then come back. In retreat phase his speed increases by 3. If there are no more stags in your forest he will attack wolfs and bears — it is fatal for your forest. But werewolf is not just character with unusual abilities.
Werewol is first char who goes also in neural network direction. With patch 2.0 werewolf collect in database 5 information’s: who did last hit on werewolf, how long werewolf were in fight, how many time he was killed with fire hay, how many times he was killed with explosive rabbit, how many times he was transformed in the tree. This is Phase 1 for werewolf: Collecting Information.
All players worldwide by killing werewolf send information to one central place for analyse.
Next patches will collect more information’s and then go in Phase 2: Cluster Analysis.
Last Phase is: Neural Network.