Upon attacking an enemy forest, you have 200 seconds to destroy all enemy buildings. For each enemy structure, you receive 5 coins and 5 experience. Plus, you get honor points, rating points and other resources for a victory. For a defeat, you will lose honor points and rating. During the attack, you will have 15 unique abilities. So at level five, you will have 5 abilities during an attack. One new ability will unlock with each new level. A PvP building improves your abilities when attacking an enemy forest. There are several buildings and even creatures in the game designed to play only against each other.

PvP: heroes pool

At the moment, there are 8 heroes in the pool of heroes that you can encounter inside your own forest. One of the heroes becomes available for attacks on enemy forests for three weeks.

Hero available to attack an enemy's forest: Other Side

PvP: Buildings

The game has both normal PvP buildings, available at higher levels, and PvP buildings, which can only be built by finding a special plan. Below is an overview of the basic buildings to play against each other:

  • PvP Building: increases the number of spells shown below..
  • Cemetery: when your forest is under attack, the cemetery will spawn undead to fight for your forest.
  • Mausoleum: when your forest is under attack, it sets the time to night.
  • Level: 5


    Summon an Ogre. The unit has full view of the forest.


    Summon a Shaman. The unit has full view of the forest.


    Summon an Archer. Range 15m.

    Dark Torturer

    Summon a Dark Torturer. The unit has full view of the forest.

    Explosive Rabbit

    Summon an Explosive rabbit. Rabbit does 300 damage. The unit has full view of the forest.

  • Level: 6


    Phials and scrolls appear in a random place on the map.

  • Level: 7

    Wolfs of the Flock

    Summons four friendly wolves. Drop position: random. Units have full view of the forest.

  • Level: 8


    Thirty walls appear near trees in a random place on your map. These walls can be used to cover the hero from enemy towers.

  • Level: 9


    A portal appears in a random place on your map. Friendly units exit the portal every 30 seconds. The portal cannot be destroyed.

  • Level: 10

    Dragon Breath

    The main character summons a dragon in the direction he is facing. The dragon flies in that direction and inflicts significant damage to all creatures on the diagonal to its flight path.

  • Level: 11


    Instantly heals all friendly creatures except the main character for 80 points of health.

  • Level: 12


    Reduces the hero's defense to zero.

  • Level: 13

    Double Health

    Doubles the health of any selected friendly creature. Does not affect the hero.

  • Level: 14

    Heroes Pool

    Summons a hero into battle. The hero has full view of the forest and all the abilities of a level-one hero.

  • Level: 15


    Summon a higher being of extraordinary strength. The hero has full view of the forest.