• Enemies:

  • Easy-Hard


    There are many different humanoids in the game. Most are not very dangerous but there are also exceptionally strong opponents, which, in some circumstances, can outmatch even bosses. For example, the Traveler of Hell, a fast warrior with two axes, who batters with tremendous force and has his own abilities, such as leap and charge.

  • Easy-Hard


    There are many different types of undead in the game, from bosses to basic skeletons. All undead have twice as much health at night than in the daytime. The experience gained for killing them is also doubled at night.

  • Easy-Hard

    Wild Animals

    Neutral inhabitants the your forest. They will not disturb the forester if they are not attacked. There are many heroes and enemy creatures who, for one reason or another, attack wild animals. There are also heroes whose strength depends on wild animals in the forest or even on their number. Killing wild animals can also be used as a source of experience. During a raid, an accidental hit on a grizzly can place all those being attacked under protection.

  • Easy-Nightmare


    Ranged combat opponents of are separated into two categories, archers and mages, which have homing arrows and spells at their disposal.

  • Normal-Nightmare

    Portals and Cemeteries

    Until all the objects that make up these structures are razed to the ground, the portals will not close.

  • Normal-Hard


    Otherworldly creatures that have captured the souls of ordinary creatures. After death, the creature's soul breaks free and pursues the nearest enemy soldier for five seconds. If the soul catches the enemy, it will inflict heavy damage.

  • Normal


    Every 15 seconds, it drains life from all enemies on the map, except the main character. Evil Shamans: Destroy trees. Unlike Legendary Ogres, Trolls, fire creatures and demons, Shamans need a certain amount of time to destroy a tree.

  • Easy

    Evil Shamans

    Destroy trees. Unlike Legendary Ogres, Trolls, fire creatures and demons, Shamans need a certain amount of time to destroy a tree.

  • Normal-Nightmare


    Bosses have the best drop rate. Most bosses have special features. Some summon assistants, others destroy certain structures in a matter of seconds. For example, Death with a scythe, who creates an eclipse and summons night. The legendary Ogre breaks trees by simply walking past. It also breaks down fences and towers within seconds. Nightmare can summon up to seven undead at one time. There are currently about 20 different bosses with different abilities in the game.

  • Hard-Nightmare


    Primarily attacks pets. If a werewolf has lost half its health, then rushes the nearest wild animal at high speed to kill it and restore the werewolf's health. Werewolf is not only in the boss category, but it is also the first monster in a Dark Forester for the which the neural network intelligence was developed.

  • Hard


    Some portals and cemeteries have guardians at their disposal. The portal will not close until you have destroyed them.

  • Hard

    Stone Heart

    These monsters consist of two parts, a character and a heart of stone. They can be destroyed only by destroying the stone. The monster itself is immune to magic and physical damage. Not to be confused with Warlords, who are vulnerable to physical damage and magic, and can only make themselves invulnerable to either magic or regular damage every five seconds.

  • Hard


    Fire monsters that inflict continuous damage to the surrounding area. After death, they explode and cause minor damage.

  • Easy-Hard


    Invisible enemies that move quickly over the map. They are not displayed on the mini map and are not visible to the player. They can be detected only with weapons. Note: Invisiblus are visible to the rest of your troops.

  • Impossible


    Very fast creatures that enter the forest for one minute. After that minute, before they disappear, they invoke the spirit of a fire dragon and deal crushing damage to nearby enemies. If you kill a Dropper within that minute, then it will drop a few very valuable items. Dropper does not attack. It only runs around the map.

  • Nightmare


    (Invasion Preparation) Otherside opponents have not only an undead raid detachment at their disposal, but also copies of all the wild animals in your forest from the dark side. Shades of animals that appear in your forest are very dangerous. They adjust to the events happening within one minute, then begin wreaking havoc. Wild animals from the other side are stronger than ordinary forest dwellers. The soul of all otherside creatures leaves at the time of death, dealing heavy damage over the course of 5 seconds. Unlike Shadow souls, the souls of Otherside beings cannot move.

  • Hard

    The Looking-Glass

    (Invasion Preparation) Opponents from behind the looking glass have extraordinary strength. They hate Otherside enemies and are engaged in an eternal struggle with them.

  • Nightmare


    (Invasion Preparation) A raid is the third force in the confrontation between the Looking Glass and the OtherSide. A raid is a group of five unique fighters: Ranger, Magician, Paladin, Berserker and Warrior. Their primary goal before the invasion to destroy your forest.